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Amazon Games Announces New World Season 4

Amazon Games has announced Season 4 of New World, Eternal Frost, launching on December 12, 2023. The new season will feature a new storyline, a level 65 expedition, and new artifacts for players who own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Additionally, all players will enjoy new seasonal events, a new season pass, and much more.

New Storyline

A new Knight of the Round Table has unearthed forbidden knowledge of the Ancients, seeking to subjugate humanity with the power of an eternal winter. Players will need to work together to stop him and save Aeternum from a frozen fate.

Level 65 Expedition

The Glacial Tarn is a new level 65 expedition that will take players deep into the heart of a frozen wasteland. Players will need to battle their way through ice caves, treacherous terrain, and powerful enemies in order to reach the Heart of Winter, a powerful artifact that can control the weather.

New Artifacts

Players who own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will gain access to new artifacts that will grant them powerful abilities. These artifacts can be used to enhance players’ combat skills, exploration abilities, or crafting prowess.

Seasonal Events

All New World players will enjoy a variety of seasonal events throughout Season 4, including:

  • The Winter’s Convergence Festival: This festive event will feature holiday-themed decorations, activities, and rewards.
  • The Winter Warrior: A new open-world boss that will threaten to spread a Forever Winter. Players can team up to take down this powerful foe for seasonal rewards.

Season Pass

A new season pass will be available for purchase at the start of Season 4. The season pass will grant players access to exclusive rewards, including cosmetics, consumables, and experience boosts.

Cross-World Expeditions

Later in Season 4, cross-world Expeditions will be added to New World. This will allow players to team up with friends from other worlds to take on challenging content.

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Improved Group Finder

An improved Group Finder will also be added to New World later in Season 4. This new system will make it easier for players to find groups for dungeons, expeditions, and other activities.


Season 4 is packed with new content for New World players. The new storyline, level 65 expedition, artifacts, and seasonal events are sure to keep players busy for months to come. And with the addition of cross-world Expeditions and an improved Group Finder, it will be easier than ever for players to find friends and take on challenging content together.

Additional Details

  • Season 4 will launch on December 12, 2023.
  • The Glacial Tarn expedition will be available to players of all levels.
  • The new artifacts will be available to players who own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.
  • The Winter’s Convergence Festival will run from December 12 to January 2, 2024.
  • The Winter Warrior will be available to players of all levels.
  • The season pass will be available for purchase for $9.99.
  • Cross-world Expeditions will be added in a patch in January 2024.
  • The improved Group Finder will be added in a patch in February 2024.

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