• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

World of Warcraft: Big Changes to Dragon riding Soon.

World of Warcraft is about to undergo a major overhaul of its flying system with the introduction of Dynamic Flying in Patch 11.0, The War Within. This new system will allow players to use their existing flying mounts, including Druid Flight Forms, to soar through the skies of Azeroth in a more dynamic and engaging way.

Dynamic Flying: A Revolution in Aerial Movement

Dynamic Flying is a significant departure from the traditional flying mechanics of World of Warcraft. Instead of simply soaring through the air at a constant speed, players will now need to carefully manage their momentum and energy to maintain their altitude and perform maneuvers. This new system will add a real sense of skill and challenge to flying, and it will also allow players to explore the world in a whole new way.

Dragonriding Expands to All Flight-Enabled Zones

In addition to the introduction of Dynamic Flying, Patch 10.2.5 will also expand Dragonriding to all flight-enabled zones in World of Warcraft. This means that players will be able to use their Dragonriding mounts to explore the world from the very beginning of their journey.

New Dragonriding Glyphs and Traits

Patch 10.2 will also introduce new Dragonriding glyphs and traits that will further enhance the Dragonriding experience. These glyphs and traits will allow players to customize their Dragonriding mounts to suit their playstyle and preferences.

Dracthyr Soar Racial Ability Utilizes Dynamic Flying

The Dracthyr, a new playable race introduced in The War Within, will have a unique racial ability called Soar that utilizes the full Dynamic Flying system. This ability will allow Dracthyr players to perform even more impressive aerial maneuvers than other races.

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Easy Toggle Between Dynamic and Normal Flying

In order to accommodate players of all skill levels, Patch 11.0 will allow players to easily toggle between Dynamic Flying and normal flying. This means that players can still enjoy the traditional flying experience if they prefer.

Algarian Stormrider Gryphon Dynamic Flying Mount

Players who pre-order the Heroic and Epic Editions of The War Within will receive a free Algarian Stormrider gryphon Dynamic Flying mount. This mount will be the perfect way to experience the new Dynamic Flying system.


The introduction of Dynamic Flying and the expansion of Dragon riding to all flight-enabled zones are major changes that will significantly impact the way players experience World of Warcraft. These changes are sure to please both new and veteran players, and they will set the stage for an exciting future for the game.

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