• Thu. May 16th, 2024

Apex Legends Cross-Progression Leaked in Datamined Files.

Apex Legends: cross-progression has been a long-requested feature by the community, and it seems that it may finally be on the horizon. Reliable Apex Legends dataminers have recently found UI elements tied to cross-progression in the game’s code, suggesting that the feature is in development and could be released soon.

Cross-progression would allow players to share their progression across all platforms that the game is available on, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

This means that players would be able to earn and spend in-game currency, unlock cosmetics, and level up their accounts on one platform and then continue their progress on another platform without having to start over.

The dataminers who found the cross-progression UI elements have said that the feature is not yet complete, but that it appears to be functional. They also said that the cross-progression UI elements are present in all versions of the game, suggesting that the feature will be available on all platforms when it is released.

Respawn Entertainment has not yet made any official announcements about cross-progression coming to Apex Legends, but the fact that the feature is being developed is good news for players. Cross-progression is a highly requested feature, and it would make it much easier for players to switch platforms or play with friends on other platforms.

It is unclear when cross-progression will be released for Apex Legends, but the fact that it is being developed is a promising sign. Players should keep an eye on official announcements from Respawn Entertainment for more information on the release date of cross-progression.

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Additional Thoughts

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, cross-progression would also make Apex Legends more appealing to new players. Currently, new players who want to play on multiple platforms have to start over on each platform, which can be discouraging.

Cross-progression would allow new players to start playing on one platform and then continue their progress on another platform if they decide to switch.

Cross-progression would also be a boon for competitive Apex Legends players. Currently, competitive players who want to participate in cross-platform tournaments have to have separate accounts for each platform. Cross-progression would allow competitive players to use their main account on all platforms, which would make it easier for them to compete.

Overall, the addition of cross-progression to Apex Legends would be a positive change for the game. It would make the game more convenient and accessible for players, and it would also make the competitive scene more fair.

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