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Xbox: Everything We Know So Far About the Leaked New Series X Console.

Xbox: On September 19, 2023, a massive leak of Microsoft documents revealed a wealth of information about the company’s plans for the future of Xbox, including a new Xbox Series X console codenamed “Brooklin.”


The new Xbox Series X will have a completely different design from the current model. It will be much more cylindrical in shape, and it will ship without a disc drive. This means that it will be an all-digital console, similar to the Xbox Series S.


The new Xbox Series X is rumored to have a number of new features, including:

  • 2TB of internal storage (up from 1TB on the current model)
  • A USB-C front port with power delivery
  • A new, more immersive controller
  • Faster Wi-Fi
  • Reduced power consumption

Release Date

The new Xbox Series X is rumored to launch in October 2024.


The price of the new Xbox Series X is unknown at this time.

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The leaked information suggests that the new Xbox Series X will be a significant upgrade over the current model. It will have more storage, a faster controller, and a more efficient design. It will also be the first Xbox Series X console to ship without a disc drive.

Other Leaked Xbox Information

In addition to the new Xbox Series X, the Microsoft leak also revealed information about a number of other upcoming Xbox products, including:

  • A new Xbox Series S console with 1TB of internal storage and faster Wi-Fi
  • A new Xbox controller with a gyroscope
  • A next-gen hybrid Xbox console that is expected to launch in 2028

It is important to note that all of this information is based on leaked documents, and Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed any of it. However, the leak comes from a credible source, and it is likely that most of the information is accurate.

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