• Mon. Jun 10th, 2024

Final Fantasy 14 and Fall Guys Crossover Arrives on October 31st.

Final Fantasy 14: Prepare for a chaotic and whimsical adventure as Final Fantasy 14 and Fall Guys join forces in an exciting crossover event. The highly anticipated collaboration will officially launch on October 31st, bringing the colorful world of Fall Guys to the realm of Eorzea.

The Fall Guys-inspired game mode will be integrated into Final Fantasy 14’s Gold Saucer, the bustling hub of minigames and entertainment. Players will be able to participate in a series of Fall Guys-themed challenges, adorned in adorable bean-like costumes, as they navigate obstacle courses, dodge treacherous traps, and strive for victory.

This unique collaboration was first announced during the Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Festival 2023, generating immense excitement among fans of both franchises. The Fall Guys-inspired content is set to arrive with the release of Patch 6.51, adding a refreshing twist to the world of Final Fantasy 14.

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In addition to the in-game crossover, a Fall Guys-themed event previously took place in Final Fantasy 14, featuring a special “Warriors of Light” Fame Pass. Players could earn a variety of rewards inspired by Final Fantasy 14, including costumes, emotes, and nameplates.

The upcoming Fall Guys-inspired game mode in Final Fantasy 14 promises to deliver a blend of lighthearted fun and competitive spirit, perfectly capturing the essence of both games. Whether you’re a seasoned Warrior of Light or a newcomer to Eorzea, prepare to embrace the chaos and revel in the joy of Fall Guys within the world of Final Fantasy 14.

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