• Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

Phasmophobia on Consoles: Will You be Ghost Hunting Soon?

The popular co-op ghost hunting game Phasmophobia captivated PC players back in 2020, but console enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting its arrival on PlayStation and Xbox. Unfortunately, the journey to consoles hasn’t been smooth, with delays pushing the release timeframe further out.

Delayed, but Not Abandoned:

  • Originally slated for August 2023, the console release was first bumped to October due to a fire at the developers’ office.
  • Further unforeseen challenges related to porting the game for consoles and optimizing for various hardware led to another delay.
  • As of January 2024, the official website and roadmap only state that the console versions are coming “in 2024” without a specific date.

What This Means for You:

  • While disappointed console players might have to wait a bit longer, Kinetic Games, the developer, remains committed to a console release.
  • They are taking their time to ensure a smooth and optimized experience for PlayStation and Xbox players.
  • Meanwhile, the PC version continues to receive updates and new content, keeping the game fresh for existing players.

What to Look Forward To:

  • The Phasmophobia roadmap outlines exciting things coming to both PC and console versions in 2024.
  • This includes lighting overhauls, new tasks, player models and animations, customization options, and even a glimpse of a new map, Point Hope Lighthouse.
  • While waiting for the console release, PC players can enjoy these new features and content.

In Conclusion:

The Phasmophobia console release might be delayed, but it’s still coming in 2024. Keep an eye on the official website and social media for updates, and get ready to face your fears when the game finally arrives on PlayStation and Xbox. And for PC players, the wait isn’t in vain, as new content and improvements are on the horizon.

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  • Follow Kinetic Games on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates on the console release.
  • Check the Phasmophobia Steam page for the official roadmap and news announcements.
  • Join the Phasmophobia community on Reddit or Discord to connect with other fans and discuss the game.

By staying informed and engaged, you’ll be ready to jump into the world of Phasmophobia on consoles whenever it arrives. Happy ghost hunting!

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