• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

For the Creed and the Ring: Why Assassin’s Creed Fans Will Dig Middle-earth: Shadow of War on PS Plus Extra.

Calling all Hidden Ones and Nazgûl enthusiasts! A thrilling convergence awaits on PS Plus Extra, where Middle-earth: Shadow of War beckons Assassin’s Creed fans with an open world brimming with familiar echoes and fresh thrills. Whether you’re scaling the Parisian rooftops or stalking Orcs in Mordor, prepare to sharpen your blades and hone your parkour skills for a new kind of adventure.

1. Stealth and Assassination, Mordor-Style:

Remember the heart-pounding thrill of stalking targets, navigating shadows, and delivering swift, silent takedowns? Shadow of War injects that same DNA into Tolkien’s legendary world. As Talion, a Ranger haunted by an Elf Lord, you’ll infiltrate Orcish fortresses, eliminate warlords, and manipulate enemy ranks – all with a satisfying blend of stealth and brutal combat. Think Altaïr navigating Minas Tirith, or Ezio blending into a Gondorian feast of Uruks.

2. Open-World Playground with a Twist:

Craving the freedom of exploring vast, dynamic landscapes? Shadow of War’s Mordor is your oyster. Climb treacherous cliffs, stalk through haunted swamps, and infiltrate bustling Orc strongholds, each brimming with secrets and loot. But unlike the Creed’s historical settings, here, the world bends to your actions. The Nemesis System ensures every Orc remembers you, forging bitter rivalries and unexpected alliances that keep the world ever-evolving, just like the ever-shifting sands of the Animus.

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3. Parkour Meets Wraith Powers:

Remember scaling Notre Dame or leaping across Venetian rooftops? Shadow of War infuses that acrobatic thrill with wraith-like abilities. Wraith Flash teleports you across chasms, wraith Stun freezes enemies in their tracks, and wraith Possess lets you inhabit Orcs, turning them into unwitting pawns. It’s like Edward Kenway channeling a Balrog, a parkour ballet with a touch of the Shadow of Mordor.

4. Gear Up and Conquer:

Remember customizing your Assassin with iconic blades and armor? Shadow of War offers a similar RPG-lite experience. Craft and upgrade your gear, unlocking new combat abilities and tailoring your playstyle. Whether you’re a stealthy infiltrator like Arno Dorian or a sword-swinging berserker like Bayek, Shadow of War lets you forge your own legend in Mordor.

So, Assassin’s Creed fans, prepare to don the Black Speech and unleash your inner Ranger. Middle-earth: Shadow of War awaits on PS Plus Extra, offering a familiar blend of stealth, action, and open-world exploration with a uniquely Orcish twist. It’s time to trade Haytham Kenway’s hidden blade for a cursed Orc cleaver and conquer Mordor your way. Just remember, the Nazgûl don’t appreciate rooftop parkour… probably.

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