• Sat. May 18th, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 Releases Giant Patch 2 Update, Adds New Content, Fixes Bugs.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian Studios has released the second major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, adding new content, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

The patch, which is called Patch 2, is the biggest update yet for the game, and it includes a number of significant changes.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to change your character’s appearance. Players can now visit a mirror in any inn or camp to change their hair, skin, and eye color, as well as their facial features.

Patch 2 also adds a new character, Karlach, a tiefling ranger who is being hunted by the Order of the Flaming Fist. Karlach can be recruited to the party after completing a certain quest, and she brings her own unique abilities and personality to the game.

The patch also includes a number of bug fixes, including a fix for a bug that prevented players from completing the quest “The Drowned Master.” The patch also improves performance, especially in Act 3.

Overall, Patch 2 is a major update that adds a lot of new content and fixes a number of bugs. It is a must-have for anyone who is playing Baldur’s Gate 3.

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New Content

Patch 2 also adds a number of new content to the game, including:

  • A new ending for the character Karlach
  • A new co-op functionality that allows players to change their appearance
  • The ability to change your appearance in the character creator
  • A number of new spells and abilities
  • A number of new enemies and encounters

Bug Fixes

Patch 2 also fixes a number of bugs, including:

  • A bug that caused NPCs to sometimes disappear
  • A bug that caused items to float in the air
  • A bug that prevented Shadowheart’s romance scene from playing out correctly

Future of Baldur’s Gate 3

In addition to the changes in Patch 2, Larian also gave an update on the future of Baldur’s Gate 3. The studio said that they are planning to release a new patch every two months, and that they are aiming to have the game out of Early Access in 2023.

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