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Just Stop Oil protester storms AIG Women’s Open. Charley Hull got furious.

A Just Stop Oil protester stormed the AIG Women’s Open on Thursday, running onto the course and delaying play.

The protester, who was wearing a Just Stop Oil T-shirt, ran onto the 18th fairway as the leaders were approaching the green. She was quickly apprehended by security guards, but not before she had caused a significant delay.

The protester, who has not been identified, said she was protesting against the fossil fuel industry. “We are in a climate emergency and we need to take action now,” she said. “The fossil fuel industry is destroying our planet and we need to stop them.”

The AIG Women’s Open is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. It is held annually at St Andrews in Scotland. The tournament was won by Minjee Lee of Australia.

Just Stop Oil is a climate change activist group that has been staging protests at sporting events in recent weeks. The group has also targeted oil refineries and other oil industry facilities.

The group’s actions have been criticized by some, who argue that they are disruptive and dangerous. However, Just Stop Oil insists that its protests are necessary to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

The group has said that it will continue its protests until the government takes action to reduce fossil fuel production.

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Charley Hull, the runner-up at the 2023 AIG Women’s Open, was furious at a group of oil protesters who interrupted play on the 17th hole. The protesters, who were from the group “Money Rebellion,” streaked onto the green with red and yellow plumes of smoke. They were eventually arrested, but not before disrupting the tournament and causing a safety hazard for the players.

Hull, who suffers from asthma, was particularly incensed by the protest. She told The Telegraph, “What a bunch of idiots. I suffer from asthma, but didn’t have my inhaler on me and that stuff was really thick, so no it was not nice.” She also questioned the protesters’ motives, saying, “Someone said they are protesting about oil, but how did they get here today?”

The AIG Women’s Open is the latest in a series of sporting events to be targeted by climate change activists. In recent weeks, Just Stop Oil has also staged protests at the British Grand Prix and the FA Cup Final.

The group’s actions have drawn mixed reactions. Some have praised the activists for their commitment to the climate cause, while others have criticized them for disrupting sporting events.

It remains to be seen whether Just Stop Oil’s protests will have any impact on the government’s climate change policies. However, the group has certainly succeeded in raising awareness of the issue.

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