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ICC World Cup 2023: Srikkanth’s views on Pakistan’s chances: “They have not played in India for a long time.”

ICC World Cup 2023: Pakistan has a low chance of winning the 2023 Cricket World Cup. While they are currently ranked second in the ODI rankings, they have a history of underperforming in major tournaments. In the last World Cup in 2019, they failed to make it to the semi-finals despite winning five of their nine matches. They have also not won a World Cup since 1992.

There are a number of reasons for Pakistan’s low chances of winning the 2023 World Cup. One reason is their inconsistent batting. They have a number of talented batsmen, but they have often failed to fire in unison. Another reason is their lack of experience in big games. Many of their players have not played in a World Cup final, and they may struggle to handle the pressure of the occasion.

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During an interview with India Today, Srikkanth stated that the lack of experience with the Pitches and hacing not played in India since 2011, could have a detrimental effect on Pakistan’s campaign.

“I am not ruling them out. I would like to see what kind of team they are going to select; that’s the most important thing. Pakistan has always fought well in India. The last time, in the 2011 World Cup, when they played in India, they lost to India in the semifinals in Mohali,” Srikkanth said.

He also added: “I am not ruling out Pakistan. Yes, they are used to sub-continent conditions, but the point is, they have not played in India for a long time,”

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