• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Lords of the Fallen Update Overhauls New Game+ with Enhanced Options and Difficulty Customization

Lords of the Fallen Update: The recent update for Lords of the Fallen brings significant changes to the New Game+ mode, offering players more control over their gameplay experience and introducing new challenges for seasoned veterans. This revamp aims to address player feedback and enhance the overall New Game+ experience.

New Game+ Options and Difficulty Customization

Prior to the update, players had limited options when starting a New Game+ playthrough. Now, they can choose to either progress to the next consecutive New Game+ cycle, facing increased difficulty and retaining their character’s progression, or replay the current world at the same difficulty level, keeping their character’s stats, items, and progression but resetting all NPCs and quests.

This new option allows completionists to revisit missed quests or collectibles without having to deal with the increased difficulty of a standard New Game+ playthrough. It also provides an opportunity for players to experiment with different builds and strategies without losing their overall progress.

Gradual Removal of Vestiges

Vestiges, the game’s equivalent of checkpoints, were previously removed entirely when starting a New Game+ cycle. With the update, Vestiges are gradually removed as players progress through subsequent New Game+ cycles, adding an extra layer of challenge and requiring more strategic planning for checkpoint usage.

This change encourages players to carefully consider their routes and resource management, adding a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

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Future Plans for New Game+ Enhancements

The developers have also hinted at future plans for further New Game+ enhancements, including a customizable modifier system that would allow players to tailor their New Game+ experience to their preferences. This could include options such as permadeath mode, item and enemy randomizers, and more.


The Lords of the Fallen New Game+ update demonstrates the developers’ commitment to listening to player feedback and improving the overall gameplay experience. The new options and difficulty customization provide more flexibility for players, while the gradual removal of Vestiges adds an extra layer of challenge for seasoned veterans. With the promise of further New Game+ enhancements in the future, players can look forward to even more ways to customize their gameplay experience and test their skills in this challenging and rewarding game.

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