• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Outriders Dev’s ‘Project Maverick’ Confirmed Once More for Xbox

Project Maverick: People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders, has once again confirmed that their upcoming game, codenamed ‘Project Maverick,’ is coming exclusively to Xbox.

The confirmation comes from a recent financial report from the studio, which states that they are “working on two projects with a major publisher.” One of these projects is known to be Project Gemini, which is being developed in partnership with Square Enix. The other project is believed to be Project Maverick, which is now all but confirmed to be an Xbox exclusive.

This isn’t the first time that Project Maverick has been linked to Xbox. Back in 2022, a leaked Microsoft document mentioned the game as one of several unannounced Xbox exclusives. The document also described Project Maverick as a “AAA action-adventure game” with a “strong focus on character development.”

While People Can Fly has yet to officially reveal Project Maverick, the studio has dropped a few hints about the game. In a 2022 interview, People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski said that the game is “something completely different” from Outriders. He also said that the game is “a very ambitious project” and that the studio is “very excited about it.”

With Project Maverick now confirmed to be an Xbox exclusive, it’s likely that we’ll hear more about the game in the near future. Microsoft is expected to hold a major Xbox showcase in the coming months, and Project Maverick could be one of the games that is featured.

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What We Know About Project Maverick So Far

  • Project Maverick is an Xbox exclusive game.
  • Project Maverick is being developed by People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders.
  • Project Maverick is a “AAA action-adventure game” with a “strong focus on character development.”
  • Project Maverick is a “very ambitious project” that People Can Fly is “very excited about.”

What We Don’t Know About Project Maverick

  • The official name of the game.
  • The release date of the game.
  • The specific platforms that the game will be released on.
  • The gameplay details of the game.


Project Maverick is shaping up to be an exciting new game from People Can Fly. With its Xbox exclusivity and ambitious scope, the game has the potential to be a major hit. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Project Maverick in the months to come, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

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